• Fragment uitChronique De Mon Village + Q&A Karim Traïdia - AZIZA + Q&A Nora El Koussour
Karim Traïdia, 2015 93 minutes Fatma Ben Saidane, Malik Bekhoucha, Mouni Bouallam, Hassan Kachach, Tahar Zaoui Algeria Arabic 22 April 2017 English

CHRONICLES OF MY VILLAGE tells the story of director Karim Traïdia’s own childhood during the Algerian War of Independence. Events of the war are not portrayed on screen. Rather, the director chooses to convey a message about a great historical event by telling an intimate story. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the director. Prior to the film screening, actress Nora El Koussour (LAYLA M.) presents the short feature film AZIZA.

Bashir, a 10-year-old boy, wishes he were the son of a martyr since they supposedly have great futures. To achieve his goal, Bashir becomes even prepared to sacrifice his father - who abandoned the family five years ago - and his friend - turned-enemy against his own country; François the French soldier. Karim Traïdia is a Dutch-Algerian director. His first feature, THE POLISH BRIDE, won two Golden Calves, at the Netherlands Film Festival and the Audience Award at the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

N.B: The screening is followed by a Q&A led by the Dutch-Algerian director Karim Traïdia.

The screening will be preceded by the short film AZIZA (Jochem de Vries, Netherlands 2017, 14 min.), about a girl with an unwanted pregnancy who has to cope with the constant meddling of her brother. Actress Nora El Koussour, who plays the lead in this short film, is present during the screening and answers questions afterwards.