• Fragment uitShift Short Film Competition Selection 2
  • Fragment uitShift Short Film Competition Selection 2
  • Fragment uitShift Short Film Competition Selection 2
  • Fragment uitShift Short Film Competition Selection 2
  • Fragment uitShift Short Film Competition Selection 2
diverse , 2017 90 minutes 18 November 2017 Nederlands

Second selection films in competition:

For better or for worse, Rembert Evenepoel (10 min.)
Gert, a nice guy in his late 20's, begins to wonder about his future, life and his relationship on the night before his wedding. What seems to be a case of cold feet at first, slowly unfolds to show the bittersweet reasons behind Gert's doubts…

Beauty & Bounty, Doug Armknecht (3 min.)
Drones give us unique perspectives on the world, and this is especially striking over the sweeping landscapes of farm country. Jhan LaRosh describes how drones are used on his family farm to capture stunning views and share them with the world. This film shows the beauty of the Kansas plains and the bounty of wheat harvest.

The Bus Trip, Sarah Gampel (13 min.)
Sarah is invited to show her film in Israel as part of a film festival bus trip. She is hoping for political discussions and friendship, except the conversation stops each time she brings up the occupation of Palestine. So instead, Sarah talks to her dead dad over a noisy phone line.

Acid Waves, Jessica Janos (5 min.)
A story told in reverse. A family BBQ has a dark and mysterious beginning

Marketed Collecting, Daukante Subaciu (4 min.)
Infomercials shown on late night television define problems we never knew we had and then suggest a product that supposedly solves it. My infomercials draw attention to the experience of collecting by focusing on the personal satisfaction achieved through collecting.

Cabin at the River, Silvia Zeitlinger (8 min.)
The architect Roby Cantarutti, as a boy, is imagining his house and his life while sitting on a river throwing stones in the water. Inspired by the flowing water and the leaves moving in the wind, he creates in his phantasy his own future in a house made of glass and stones that invites the nature to live in.

Future Perfect, Abigail Prade (13 min.)
In a luxurious plastic surgery clinic in Seoul, several stories unfold. A patient awaits recovery, parents take their daughter home - now that she's ready for college - and a lonely receptionist tries to impress her bored colleague. Together, these patients and employees in and around the clinic desire for some unseen future.

BUZz - Never fly a drone alone, Nic Bello (5 min.)
No-dialogue dark comedy with a man and a drone.

Rose, Joris Hoefakker (10 min.)
The life of a young woman with two children will never be the same again.

Gesloten Deuren, Sanne Walet (13 min.)

Aansluitend vindt de prijsuitreiking plaats. Er worden prijzen uitgereikt voor:
Best Newcomer Award
Best Euregional Film
Best Virtual Reality Film
Audience Award
Special Jury Prize (optional)
Kanshebbers voor de prijzen zijn de geselecteerde films uit Film selection 1 en 2, Kalinka en Leijla (die vertoond worden op de openingsavond) en de CineSud Talent films. De prijzen worden zaterdagavond uitgereikt tijdens Film selection 2.