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Gekozen film

From age 12 and up Fear Offensive use of language
Mike van Diem 94 minutes Gijs Naber, Anneke Sluiters, Giancarlo Giannini, Ksenia Solo, Lidia Vitale, Donatella Finocchiaro Italy, Canada Italian, English, Dutch 20 September 2017 Dutch premiere
TULIPANI is a comedy drama centred around the strong-minded Dutch farmer Gauke, who, after losing his farm during the floods of 1953, is determined to never have wet socks again. With the aim to start a new life, Gauke cycles to a small village in Puglia, Italy. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS FILM IS IN ITALIAN, ENGLISH AND DUTCH, WITH DUTCH SUBTITLES.

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Wednesday 22 November 13:30 19:00