Lumière has moved to Bassin 88! 

€ 9,00 Regular
€ 8,00 65+
€ 7,50 Lumièrecard
€ 6,50 Student / CJPcard /< 16 years old
€ 5,00 Cultuurkaart *
€ 0,00 Cinevillecard **

* Cultuurkaart is a card for Dutch high school students
** A Cinevillecard can be obtained online, for € 19,95 / month. With it, you get unlimited access to all films in Lumière and more than 30 other Art House cinemas in the Netherlands. 

Additional charges / discounts

Films longer than 150 min. + € 1,-
Films shorter than 60 min. -  € 1,-

Children fees

€ 5,-  <16 / students / CJP
€ 1,- discount  all other tickets

Book tickets & online tickets

We recommend that you either book tickets by phoning us or to buy tickets online.

Lumière can be reached by phone (043-321 4080) during our office opening hours.

Your ticket can be obtained at Lumière's Box Office and have to be collected at least 15 min. before the screening will start.

Right now its possible to buy online-tickets only with the use of a Dutch bankcard (with iDEAL) Tickets should be printed out at home and brought to lumière or can be directly scanned from a smartphone-display.


Gift vouchers

Lumière gift vouchers can be purchased at the box office of Lumière Cinema during opening hours and otherwise at the Maastricht tourist office ('VVV'). It is also possible to redeem the National Cinema and MaDiWoDo-vouchers at Lumière.