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Oliver Laxe, 2016 95 minutes Ahmed Hammoud, Shakib Ben Omar, Saïd Aagli, Ikram Azouli, Ahmed El Othemani Spain, Morocco, Romania, Qatar Arabic 30 November 2017 Dutch

Oliver Laxe’s mesmerizing, minimalist ‘Eastern western’ follows a caravan transporting the body of a sheik to his remote resting place in the perilous wilderness of the Moroccan desert.

His last wish is to be buried with his loved ones. But death does not wait. The caravaneers, fearful of the mountain pass, refuse to continue transporting the corpse. Ahmed and Said, two rogues traveling with the caravan, promise to take the body to its destiny. But do they really know the way?

In another world, parallel and remote, Shakib is chosen to travel to the mountains where the caravan is. His assignment is clear: he has to help the improvised caravaneers to reach their destination. Inspired in part by the director's itinerant travels and his immersion in Sufism, MIMOSAS is by turns heady and epiphanic as it explores cinema's possibilities of representing the ineffable. Director Oliver Laxe deftly maintains his film's many enigmas, the work's near-parabolic form suggesting life's diverse and mystical paths, the measures of belief, and the potential for encounters with the divine.


★★★★ VPRO Cinema - "Schitterend gefilmde, kalme, raadselachtige odyssee over goed en kwaad."

★★★★ Trouw -  "Arabische western met hoofdrol voor het schitterende Atlasgebergte."

★★★★ NRC -  "Mystiek sprookje in Marokkaanse woestijn (...) Groots in grillige bescheidenheid."

★★★★ De Filmkrant - "Mimosas overschrijdt ruimte en tijd."

★★★★ VPRO Cinema - "Schitterend gefilmde, kalme, raadselachtige odyssee over goed en kwaad."

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