Movies That Matter On Tour

Each month, MOVIES THAT MATTER presents a new feature film or documentary that sheds new light on human rights issues and aims to expand our view on the world. In addition to the screening of a film Amnesty (student) groups organise a variety of programmes with debates and Q&A's in each city. After the screening viewers will have the opportunity to interact with human rights activists, filmmakers, experts or politicians.

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  • Movies That Matter On Tour

  • mon 11 dec 19:30

    A River Below

    A RIVER BELOW examines the efforts of two conservationists in the Amazon to bring about change by using the national media, only to discover the consequences of their actions come with a high price. More information
  • mon 15 jan 19:30


    A man’s struggle to become the woman he truly is. Based on the life of Tamara Adrian, Venezuela's first transgender elected to political office. More information