The Way of Jim Jarmusch

For the premiere (February 9) of Jim Jarmusch's latest film PATERSON, EYE Film Museum presents six digitised Jim Jarmusch films. Lumière Cinema participates in this retrospective and uses the entire month of February to show Jarmusch's work. In his films, the American director shows a soft spot for outsiders who seem to drift through life and end up somewhere almost by coincidence  - just like in real life. Jarmusch's seemingly casually composed, often drily humorous films highlight the ordinary events most people take for granted.

  • The Way of Jim Jarmusch

  • From age 6 and up Offensive use of language Violence

    Down By Law

    Director Jim Jarmusch followed up his brilliant breakout film STRANGER THAN PARADISE with another, equally beloved portrait of loners and misfits in the American landscape. More information
  • From age 12 and up Discrimination Drugs and/or alcohol abuse

    Mystery Train

    A trilogy featuring various humorous episodes involving Japanese and Italian guests in a Memphis hotel. The spirit of Elvis Presley is with them all. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS FILM IS IN ENGLISH, JAPANESE AND ITALIAN, WITH DUTCH SUBTITLES. More information
  • wed 22 feb 21:15
    From age 6 and up Violence

    Night On Earth

    What is a city without surly taxi drivers, those savvy students of human nature who know their way around the best and worst parts of town? Jim Jarmusch created five episodes situated in as many cities, with cab drivers and customers thrown together for the duration of the ride. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS FILM IS IN ENGLISH, FRENCH, FINNISH, ITALIAN AND GERMAN, WITH DUTCH SUBTITLES. More information
  • From age 12 and up Fear Violence

    Dead Man

    A mystical western starring Johnny Depp as William Blake, an accountant who goes west around 1850. There he meets a Native American who takes him for the reincarnation of the English poet William Blake. More information
  • tue 21 feb 21:15
    wed 22 feb 16:00 21:15
    thu 23 feb 16:10 21:00
    fri 24 feb 16:10 21:40
    sat 25 feb 16:10 21:40
    wed 1 mar 16:10 18:55
    From age 6 and up


    The new film from Jim Jarmusch (DOWN BY LAW, ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE) is a wry comedy about a working-class poet in a small New Jersey town who practices his craft amidst the quiet magic of everyday life. More information